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Our Gear & Reviews

By on July 21, 2015

Our Overland Gear and Reviews!


     We wanted to have a page where we can post the gear that we take with us. In addition to posting the gear, we also wanted to post a review on them and include some companies that we purchased from. We hope that with our reviews, weather they are good or bad, will help with your decision if you were thinking about buying them. We certainly don’t know everything but we would at least like to pass along our experience with different products that have either made our overlanding easier, or harder.


  • Cascadia Vehicle Tents(CVT) – Mt Shasta RTT
  • Front Runner Outfitters Slimline II Roof Rack
  • Front Runner Outfitters Jku Cargo Slide
  • Front Runner Outfitters Table
  • GrenadeaCorp GCP-1 Sub-roof Concealed Locking Storage
  • Trek-Armor/Bartact JKU Seat Covers
  • Vector Offroad Jk Dash Bar
  • Garmin GPSMAP721 Chart Plotter
  • ARBUSA 50qt 12v Fridge-Freezer
  • Blue Ridge Overland Gear(Various Products)
  • Fire Extinguisher & First Aid Kit
  • Bestop Under Seat Lockable Storage
  • Various RamMounts
  • RoadShower
  • Rotopax 4Gal Container
  • Rigid Industries Dually Led Cubes(Diffused)
  • TemboTusk Skottle With Brog Travel Bag
  • 2(6 Gallon) Water Containers
  • ARBUSA Onboard Air Compressor
  • ARBUSA Recovery Straps
  • SuperWinch 12k Talon Winch
  • Jetboil
  • BedTred
  • Custom Made Aluminum Shelf Racks
  • Custom Made Limb Risers
  • Treds Recovery Boards

2 comments on “Our Gear & Reviews

  1. Hi- glad I found your new site from overland kwest. Will continue to follow. Appreciate the reviews and insights.

    I noticed you turned in your wrangler for your 4runner which at the time made me reconsider purchasing a rubicon unlimited. Where there any big reasons for the switchover? both rigs seemed fantastic and I know the toyota is probably better on road.

    Good luck on the Canada trek- I may be headed there myself early summer. Thanks for the posts.

    1. Hey Mitch, thank you for the kind words. Sorry I m just getting back to you, weve been super busy with the wedding, honeymoon to Canada, and of course, life. As long time jeep owners, theres nothing we love more. We still have a 2014 rubicon but we wanted something more reliable and more confortable for long distance travel. The 4runner is an amazing vehicle and we absolutely love the switch. -Tyler

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